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Inventory Management

Getting Started

BluSkus is easy to use. We recommend that you set up your locations first before adding products. This makes it easier to manage.

After your locations are set, you are ready to add your first product.

Setting Up Locations

Locations are physical locations such as your office, warehouse, garage, or store location.

Any stock in a location is added to your total inventory.

Add A Location

From the left menu, go to Locations -> View/Edit. Enter a location name and press "Add Location".


Add A Product

From the left menu, go to Products -> View. Click "Add Product".

The product will be created and saved immediately. Add all information and press "Update".

Stock By Location

All of your locations will be shown under the stock section.

Simply enter your stock amounts in each location and save your changes.

Stock by location

Moving Products

BluSkus has a convienent method to move multiple products at once from one location to another.

Create A New Move

From the left menu, go to "Move"

Enter a name and description then select the Location where you want to move products to. This defines the Move To location for all of the products.

Save your changes and the start searching for products.

The search results will show you all products matching your query. Select the product you wish to transfer. Once selected - you can now specify how many products to move from one location to the other.

The App will restrict the number to the maximum available in the location. In addition, it will find any other products that have move events in Draft status and hold those quantities as well. This will prevent accidentally moving more products than possible.

Finalizing The Move

When you are ready to commit the move. Just change the status to Complete and the stock adjustment will be made for all products in the move event.

Bluskus move event

Bluskus - Move Products

In this video I'll show you how to move products from one location to the next using the Moves feature.

Watch The Tutorial

See how easy it is to move from one location to another. In this short video I'll also show you how to move products out of your store.

Printing Labels

For best results, follow these printing tips.

Labels are printed one per page using a label printer.

  • Select the products you wish to print using the checkbox
  • Press "Print Selected"
  • Select the label size, then adjust the scaling and margins for the best fit
  • Instead of pressing print - It's best to select "Open PDF Preview"
  • From the PDF preview, press "Print"
  • Bluskus can be used to track anything
    Bluskus can be used to track anything

    POS Documentation

    OnBoarding Checklist


  • Connect To Stripe
  • Sign Up For Bluskus Cash Payments (optional)
  • Enter Store Details
  • Add A Stripe Reader
  • Add a Register and connect the reader to the register
  • Done
  • Connect To Stripe

    From the left menu, go to POS ->View and follow the onboarding instructions. If you do not have a Stripe Account, you can create on for free in just a few minutes. Your stripe account will be Linked To Bluskus so that you can start processing credit card transactions.

    Accept Cash and Checks

    If you would like to offer cash and check payments, then you need to sign up for Bluskus Cash payments. There is no money collected upfront and you will only be billed if you have cash or check transactions.


    Navigate to POS->Stripe Locations and add some details for your store such as the Display name and address.

    Store Tax Rate

    Navigate to Settings->Store to set the tax rate in %. Each product can be set to be taxable. Edit a product and select the "Taxable" checkbox to enable taxes.

    Product Prices

    Every product that you wish to sell and use with the POS has to have a price. If you want to give it away, then set the price to zero. Any product that does not have a price will not be able to added to the Pos cart. You will receivew a notice in the dashboard.

    Stripe Readers

    Add A Reader

    After you have created a store location, you can easily add a Stripe Terminal reader to your Bluskus POS.

    Under Stripe Locations, click on the "Readers" button.

    Enter a descriptive label such as "Alice's Reader" and then enter in the reader regitration code from the Stripe reader. Click "Assign Reader" We will contact Stripe in real time and verify that the reader id is valid.


    Add or Edit A Register

    You can have as many registers as you need. Each register can have only one unique Stripe Reader.

    Assign Reader To The Register

    Bluskus connects over the internet so you can use the BBPOS WisePOS E reader.

    Navigate to POS->Registers and give it a descrptive name i.e. Alices' Register

    To assign a reader, you must have already added a reader to Bluskus. From the dropdown, select the reader you want to assign to this register. Note that each register has to have it's own reader. If you don't see the reader, you may have already assigned it to another register.

    Manually Keyed In Credit Cards

    Phone or Manual Orders

    You have the option to manualy key in credit card numbers without a Stripe Terminal.

    After you have added the customer's item to the cart, click "Accept Payment" and choose the Manual Credit Card option.

    Initiating A Customer Checkout Session

    Scan Items

    Navigate to POS->View. Here you can scan the barcodes for your customer. You have the option to scan one at a time or in bulk. To use the bulk mode, click the gear icon and select "Bulk Mode". In this mode you will be asked to enter in a quantity after you scan the barcode.

    To adjust quantities in the cart, simple click the Up or Down arrows to add or subtract.

    Accept Payment

    Choose Payment Method

    Click the "Accept Payment" button and then choose the option you want.

    Payment Options

    Stripe Terminal - BBPOS WisePOS E

    Manual Credit Card - Type in the credit card manually

    Cash -Available with Bluskus Cash (no money upfront)

    Check -Available with Bluskus Cash (no money upfront)

    Print Receipts

    After sucessuful payment, a window will open to allow you to print a receipt. You may also reprint any order. Navigate to Sales and re-print the order.

    For Stripe transactions, the Store name will be populated based on the Stripe Location name that you set.

    For Cash and Check purchases, the store name on the receipt will be based on the Location of your store i.e. Sally's Flowers

    Re-Printing Receipts

    Any receipt can be re-printed. Navigate to "Sales" and find the order number. Press the "Reprint" button.


    You can refund and order in full with one click. Navgate to Sales and select the order you wish to refund. Click "Refund"

    Restock Items

    After a refund, the items can be restocked in one click by pressing the "Restock Items" on the Sales Order page.

    WooCommerce Sync With POS Documentation

    Remote Syncing

    Add Remote

    In order to Sync you need 3 things.

    1. API keys from your WooCommerce Store.

    2. Bluskus helper plugin for syncing ( Contact us for more information )

    3. Webhooks on WooCommerce pointing to Bluskus so that product and order updates stay in sync.

    Navigate to Syncing->Remote Site. Add you site and enter in the url (, the key (starts with ck_ ) and secret ( starts with cs_)

    Save and the navigate back to the main menu and test to see if the connection is successful.

    Import Products

    Navigate to Products->import. This process may take a while depending on the size of your store. Do not proceed to importing orders until this is finished.

    Import Orders

    Navigate to Order->import. This process may take a while depending on the size of your store.


    Navigate to Syncing->Webhooks and copy your unique secret key. This key will be used to authorize any incoming Webhooks from WooCommerce. If you reset your key, you will need to update the Webhooks on WooCommerce.

    Webhooks On WooCommerce

    Navigate to WooCommerce->Settings->Advanced->Webhooks and copy your unique secret key found on Bluskus. This key will be used to authorize any incoming Webhooks from WooCommerce. If you reset your key, you will need to update the Webhooks on WooCommerce.

    Create 2 Webhooks on WooCommerce using Bluskus Product Update and Bluskus Order Update topics. These topics will be added automatically when you install the Bluskus helper syncing plugin on your WooCommerce Store. The topics automatically send Product and Order changes to Bluskus for the following:

  • Product Updated
  • Product Created
  • Product Deleted
  • Product Restored
  • Order Updated
  • Order Created
  • Order Deleted
  • Order Restored
  • Test Webhooks

    After your initial product sync. Go to your WooCommerce store and make a small product change such as increasing the stock by one.

    WooCommerce will schedule a webhook and you can see if it has sent or not by looking at the Scheduled Actions log. Confirm that the webhook arrived at Bluskus by checking the event log. Also check that the product on Bluskus reflects the stock change.

    Tax Rates

    When you make a sale on Bluskus for a WooCommcerce product, the sales tax rate on Bluskus must match that on your store.

    Bluskus Settings->Store->Tax Rate Set this in % for example 6.5 is 6.5%

    WooCommerce Settings->Tax->Standard Rates Here you set a default store tax rate such as * * * * 6.5 where the *'s represent Country Code, State Code, Postal Code City and finally tax rate