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Inventory Taming Inventory Locations

By Bluskus Staff, Published on May 26th, 2022


We get it, your inventory is complex. Inventory is allocated over many locations such as your warehouses, office, and physical store.

In this post I'll show you how to simplify inventory spread out over many locations.

A Wholistic Approach

Let's assume you have a WooCommerce store and you also have a second warehouse. You need a way to make sales from the store and also know how much you have in the warehouse. Let's set that up.

From the Bluskus App, go to Locations and create one called WooCommerce Store. Next create a second location called Warehouse.

Next we need to sync your Woocommerce product to Bluskus. This process is simple and you can read how to do that here Be sure to choose WooCommerce Store as the syncing location. More on that later.

Allocate The Inventory

Import your products by pressing the "Import Products" button. Wait a few moments and now verify all of your products are there.

At this point all of your stock will be allocated to one lcoation, the WooCommerce Store. You can now adjust this as necessary.

There are a couple of ways to allocate the stock. One method is right on the product itself. Open one of the products on Bluskus and adjust the stock to the number in each location. In this example, I will adjust the stock of this smartphone. There are 5 total.

The second method is to use the Take Inventory feature. This method allows you to scan the barcodes for stock in each location. It saves time and reduces errors caused by manually counting products. Let's see how to do that next.

Take An Inventory By Location

Navigate to Take Inventory

Let's say there are actaully 3 in the WooCommerce store and 2 in the warehouse. Select the WooCommerce Store Location. Scan the barcode 3 times or use the Bulk Adjust tool to simply enter a quantity of 3.

Press "Update Stock" to record this inventory.

Next, select the "Warehouse" location and scan 2 barcodes.

You are Done. Notice that the total stock is 5. You can confirm the allocation by going to the product page. Here you will see 3 in the store and 2 in the warehouse. Bluskus reports back 5 to your WooCommerce store using the Sync feature. This is all done automatically in the background for you.


As you can see, allocating your inventory does not need to be a difficult task. If you have not already signed up for Bluskus Account, get one today.

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